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Calvià, European Winter

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Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe

In general...

  • Keep your belongings in sight
  • Keep hold of your handbag and protect your wallet on public transports and in crowded areas (street markets, shows, performances, etc..)
  • Take care of your camera or video camera in amusement or recreation areas
  • Take only essentials when you go to the beach or a swimming pool
  • If you are using a vehicle, lock any valuables out of sight
  • As far as possible, avoid isolated or badly lit places
  • Beware of suspicious offers of “help” (“help” with stains on clothes, “problems” with your car, etc). Thieves know how to use clever tricks to rob you
  • Do not take part in gambling or buy “bargains” in the street. It will nearly always be a confidence trick or a swindle.

At your hotel or apartment...

  • Do not leave keys, money or other valuables lying around. Make use of the safe.
  • In communal areas (reception, restaurants, swimming-pools) take care of your luggage and personal belongings (handbags, cameras, etc)

We do CARE about your SAFETY!